How It Works

You can sell your car in just 3 easy steps!

Even though it’s a personalized service, our simplified business model ensures that process remains quick, straightforward and transparent. So you can sell your car through this website in few simple steps:

We really value your car and give you the optimum return for your car.

Should I Sell my car to Sky4cars or a local car dealer (may be a part exchange possible)”?

No need to waste your time and money on private sales, the advertising fees which holds no sale guarantee and the all hours contact from non-serious buyers. It also saves you from the unfruitful viewings which could add up to hours of time wasted.

And the part exchange road which makes you feel trapped, the only way out being “sell your car at a much less than its actual ‘ value’ ” to a dealer who offers you an over-priced car in exchange.